What is Invisible Light?

Infrared SpectrumWell in simple terms it is light we can't see with the naked eye. But it is there. The Infrared Spectrum is a look into an invisible world if you will. While the human eye can see wavelengths from about 400nm-700nm (purple to red) see the graph to the left. The infrared spectrum is beyond the 700nm wavelength we can see. The infrared light I capture is different than thermal IR, that looks farther into the infrared spectrum.

Every camera can capture Infrared light, but they have a filter in front of the sensor that blocks the light. It produces some very distinct effects that may have a tendency for people to either love or hate them. Mostly I believe because it allows us to see the world differently and not how we (our eyes) train our brain to see the world. Often in IR, we get a very surreal color landscape or dreamy black and white.

IR allows me to push my creativity in a way not often seen in the area. I love the feeling of processing the image and getting it to come to life.
Raw Infrared imageOn the left is an infrared image directly from the camera and below after editing it, processing it is necessary as you can see because the digital cameras, much like our brains, are wired to process the light to what we see in the visible spectrum. The white balance is off, the focus plane is different, everything is skewed, and that is what I love about it.

I hope you like my Invisible Light work; any questions feel free to message me.

Processed from the above raw image

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