Historical Landscapes

I've always loved the Civil War and History in General. In particular Gettysburg has always had a special place in my heart.  I've spent years going around and getting images of sites and plan on spending many more traveling around doing the same.  Click on a gallery below and have a look, any questions just drop me a line


Gettysburg Scenery

Something about the field at Gettysburg that just makes you feel a wide range of emotions. From pure sadness to complete awe. The beauty of the area and the presence of knowing what happened there. 


Invisible Light Gettysburg Scenery

Combining the monuments and field with invisible light photography certainly gives the area a creative flare. 

Gettysburg Monuments

The monuments of Gettysburg have a uniqueness to themselves, each one tells a story and evokes emotions to themselves. 


Monacacy was an interesting battlefield to visit and one I plan to go back and explore more when I have time. 

Invisible light Gettysburg Scenery

I love the uniqueness of Invisible light photography and combining with Gettysburg has been a passion of mine for years now. 



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