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Dan and wife Tracey

Dan Urban is a landscape photographer based in Gettysburg, PA, and has gained significant recognition for his use of invisible light photography and a unique approach to the use of it. His portfolio is a testament to his incredible range and his ability to translate scenes with even the most unusual features and challenging conditions into compelling works of art. Dan enjoys being outdoors and traveling with his wife, Tracey. 

He also enjoys leading workshops on the use of Lightroom and Infrared photography. Currently, Dan has two projects he is working on, a coffee table book of his Invisible Light photos and a series of images titled Lone Trees. As more projects come about, Dan will add them to the site, so please check back. 

Dan also has several years of experience in Graphic Design, and his portfolio of design work can be viewed at www.danurbandesigns.com.

Feel free to send him a message, or find him on various social media outlets by clicking on the links hovering on the right of the page.




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My Artistic Vision

Photography is ever-changing, with the increase in quality phone cameras and accessibility of photo editing and filters, it is increasingly important to strive to be unique and different but staying traditional. With specializing in invisible light photography, I realize that not everyone will understand as with all art. Still, it is a passion I have and feel it helps bring my artistic vision into focus. And I enjoy pushing the boundaries of creating imagery of our natural world in a light that humans can't see with our naked eye. But with this vision and passion I believe my photographs are more than just mere snapshots, but a glimpse into how we feel as humans, by evoking emotions and hopefully placing the viewer in the image and give them a sense of belonging in the scene. There is a large grey area between real and unreal in terms of photography these days, and not only in these days but since the beginning of the medium. Picasso once said, 'Art is a lie that tells the truth.' And the truth I am telling with my art is the truth of the creative vision that materializes in my mind, mixed a bit with the truth that occurs in nature. I love to take what nature creates and mix it up with my own creative vision to make something that is uniquely mine. Are my images fake? Well, from my experience, that?s a subjective option mostly, and for the viewer to decide. I will leave it up to the viewer to resol


"You don't take a photograph, you make it." - Ansel Adams

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